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Technically Falcons is the Valley View Middle School robotics team. Our team believes robotics is for everyone. It doesn't cost our members anything to be in our team, this means every kid can join if they want. Our team is made up of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Our team is gender diverse and includes people from different backgrounds. We love to try new things and we use our own strengths to make great robots and inventions. Some of the team members love to design; including things on our robot or in the portfolio.

What is FTC?

What is ftc? Ftc is a fun challenging science and technology program made to spark intrest S.T.E.M for grades 7-12 ages 12-18 where each team make a robot to compete in a new game each year. different teams make allinaces to compete in different rounds, of the competeion. another important part of ftc is outreach.